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Selah: Music for Quiet TimeVic Mignogna

We invite you to listen to a sampling of soft music written and performed by Vic Mignogna for quiet reflective times such as these. We hope these letters and messages from fans all across the globe inspire you to be a Positive and Encouraging Voice in the world the same way Vic has for very many years. 

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Patrick P.


I've met vic a few times and he is a sweet person. The first time I met him was in line for an autograph and got a picture with him, and we talked for a minute before he signed a picture collage i made of him and my favorite characters he voiced.  The next was 2 years later and I passed by him in the hallway. He was on his way to a panel but stopped to talk to me because he noticed i had just bought a plush of mokana from XXXholic and he thought it was really cute. We talked and then he asked me if I wanted him to sign it. This made me so happy I couldn't even answer as I pulled it out of the bag.  Afterwards he told me he was heading to a panel and asked if i wanted to come. So of course  i said yes and he walked me there and led me to the front of the room to find a good seat. And every time i've seen him he's been nothing but kind and i love that about him. And to top it all off I've grown up where showing affection is normal in my family.  I asked him for a hug and not only did I get one,  he said he was happy to get asked by a fan. So I hope all of this blows over fast and everything works out.


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2/25/2019 You were in a hurry but still managed to give me a high five!


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