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Selah: Music for Quiet TimeVic Mignogna

We invite you to listen to a sampling of soft music written and performed by Vic Mignogna for quiet reflective times such as these. We hope these letters and messages from fans all across the globe inspire you to be a Positive and Encouraging Voice in the world the same way Vic has for very many years. 

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I am a relatively new fan of Vic and his career, only discovering Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood at the end of 2017. This was during a very difficult time in my life where, I had lost friends, I had no job and I doubted every moment of my existence as my life seemed to have come to a standstill. 

I came upon FMAB by chance and remembered I was once told to check it out, Shure enough I said, “What the hell might as well " and began to binge watch the entire series over the course of a week and a half. 

Needless to say, over that week and a half I began to feel alot better about myself both spiritually and mentally. Seeing the struggles of those characters and the pure heart of their convictions, the series of emotions they shed I felt echoed my own, but they also shared some I had lost along my way, Forgiveness, Happiness & Love. 

The show and its characters reminded me that life is too short and precious to wallow in despair, and life is a series of perpetual changes and one should not be stuck in the past, of what could have been, or what I could have changed. But to look forward to the future and the possibilities of what tomorrow holds. Vic you not only gave your voice to Edward but also gave him his spirit.

Thank you 


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